A Glimpse into Our In-house Photoshoots: Behind the Scenes with Hazel Heritage

A Glimpse into Our In-house Photoshoots: Behind the Scenes with Hazel Heritage

Welcome to an insider’s look into the creative process of one of our favorite fashion lines—Hazel Heritage! We’re always amazed by the amazing artwork behind Hazel Heritage pieces and are so excited to be able to provide a glimpse into how it all happens. In this blog post, you’ll get a behind the scenes look at one of our in-house photoshoots to see how every design is thoughtfully planned and executed. Through a collaboration of creative minds, the team is able to bring every style to life. So sit back and enjoy the process!

At Hazel Heritage, we believe that capturing the perfect shot requires more than just skillful photography. Our in-house photoshoots involve careful planning, hard work, and creative collaboration between our team of professionals. To give you a glimpse into our process, we are taking you behind the scenes with us!

Before the shoot even begins, the Hazel Heritage team is hard at work. Our creative director works to create a moodboard that sets the tone for the shoot and helps bring our vision to life. We also work on selecting the right model and location for the shoot. Once everything is set, we begin scouting for props and wardrobe to ensure that the final look is just right.

On the day of the photoshoot, our team arrives early to set up and get ready. We strive to create a relaxed atmosphere that allows for creative exploration and collaboration between our team and the model. Our photographers use natural light to capture beautiful shots that accurately reflect the vision behind the shoot. We also have an in-house makeup artist who styles the model’s hair and applies makeup to enhance their look.

Once the shoot is complete, our editors work their magic on the photos. They adjust color tones and add special effects to ensure that each photo is perfect. After all the hard work is done, we have a finished product that we can be proud of!

We hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at our in-house photoshoots. At Hazel Heritage, we strive to create stunning images that capture the beauty of our models and our vision. We can’t wait to share our latest creations with you!

Once the models arrived, they were given a brief tour of our facility and were shown to their dressing rooms. Our makeup artist, Esme, was on hand to make sure each model was given a professional makeup look for the shoot. Our photographer, Lucas, was also present to give tips and advice on how to pose in front of the camera.

The models were styled in our new collection of clothing and accessories. We wanted to make sure that each model looked their best, so we had a stylist on hand to help them pick out just the right accessories to complete their look.

Once everyone was ready, we headed outside to start the photoshoot. We had a variety of different backdrops and props to choose from, so the models were able to get creative with their poses. We were all ecstatic with the results!

The final photos were edited and sent off to be used in our advertising campaigns and other marketing materials. We are so proud of our team for creating such beautiful images that truly showcase the Hazel Heritage brand.

At Hazel Heritage, we believe that beautiful photos capture the essence of our products and our brand story. Our in-house photoshoots are the best way to ensure that we can share the story of our brand with our customers. From styling to lighting, we take every detail into consideration when creating these beautiful images. With the help of our talented photography team, we are able to bring our vision to life and create stunning photographs that our customers can’t help but love.

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